Magic Argentina

There are certain events or moments during travel that feed an appreciation for serendipity, humanity and this earth.

I am writing this post on my travels to Buccaramunga, Colombia, where I will perform in the 18th Abrapalabra festival. See

I am writing this on the run while in hotel rooms and performing so will offer a list of occurrences’/thoughts and photos.


Aerolinas Argentinas has the oldest long haul plane still in operation. I am taking a guess on that statement, I have no real proof but seriously I’m talking no individual TV sets! I had to laugh when I was seated directly underneath the set that hangs from the roof. Who remembers those?

There were no human safety demonstrators just a Thunderbirds-esque video playing (of which I couldn’t see without giving myself permanent neck damage). No DVD players to hire. And there were ashtrays in the toilets and a wide range of thumping and high pitched whining noises throughout.

The beauty of sleep and a great neighbour made the 14 hour journey and easy and comfortable one.


Segundo – Buenos Aires Airport

I had a 10-hour lay over scheduled. Did you know you will be kicked out of the airport after 6 hours. No one is allowed to stay in the airport for more than 6 hours. To leave the airport Australian has to pay a US$100 fee.

Tercero – Making the most of 10 hours in Buenos Aires is EASY.

Remember wonderful neighbour. His parent moved to Buenos Aires 2 years ago. I crashed the most wonderfully prepared family reunion dinner and evening. I ate beautiful food prepared in the home with love. I drank good red wine and had wonderful conversations. Then to while away the hours between 1am and 4am (return to airport) I was directed to un Milonga fantastico.

For me this is one of the beauties of travelling. I get to put aside suspicions and doubts and grab opportunities as they arrive. The warmth, generosity and intelligence of the family that took me in was one of travels little miracle moments.